Reviews Waldner

Luca Waldner's guitars represent one of the highest artistic achievements in the world of guitar making in our day. Within the whole range of contemporary makers of all styles, concepts and tendencies, Waldner's guitars distinguish themselves by their marriage of a real and conscious rediscovery of the sensibilities and skills of the great guitar makers of the past (Torres, above all, who has been the subject of in-depth study by Waldner) and the restlessness of the creative artist who is very much a man of his own times. They are instruments which, be it in the choice of shape, materials or dimensions, have a unique tendency towards “sound”; instruments whose raison d'être, beyond purely hedonistic guitaristic concerns, is to serve the creativity of the performer by those expressive means that music inspires them to, to be able to move forward through the complex drama that is the music.

Stefano Grondona

Luca Waldner is a master luthier and a magician. His restoration of the famous Torres guitar (ex.Torres/Tárrega) is nothing short of a miracle. His love of fine instruments, passion for musical integrity and consummate skills have combined to bring this historical profound and wonderfully voiced instrument back to life.

Jonathan Kellerman

I met Waldner several years ago or so, when I first became interested in the historical handmade guitar thanks to a study he carried out, alongside Grondona, in the book "La Chitarra di Liuteria - Masterpieces of Guitar Making". I got to know his work, to visit his studio in Ponte, and see his dedication and almost mystical attention while studying the sound of the guitar, which he carries out by looking back at the great string instrument makers from the past and trying to remain faithful to an idea that before being constructive, it is poetic. For all of these reasons, I consider him to be one of the most sensitive and true guitar makers now working in the world of handmade guitars and I feel an affinity with his work.

Luigi Attademo

The sound of guitars built by Luca Waldner is poetry distilled into pure emotion ... authentic emotions for those who are yearning for conscious union of spirit and matter. Instruments like these help the interpreter search for the most intimate expression of his or her innermost feelings. The chief aim of his work is in fact to seek the source of an inner sound, deep and ancestral: a sound that has found its own roots in the great guitar makers of the past and which, thanks to guitar makers like him, will be handed down over the generations because of the inherent character of the guitar. His instruments stand out for their refined detail and aesthetic elegance, and are characterized by innovative construction techniques that highlight the creative vitality of the great master. And finally, do not forget the ultimate "comfort" of these instruments, which allow a musician to express himself with greater ease and freedom. Luca Waldner is certainly one of the best modern guitar makers!

Paolo Pegoraro